General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) of the Volkshochschule Adolf Reichwein of the city Halle (Saale) and the Kreisvolkshochschule Saalkreis (hereinafter referred to as Volkshochschulen)

General Information

These GTC apply to all participants who partake in the offers of the Volkshochschulen. These GTC apply to all events of the Volkshochschulen, also for those implemented by means of electronic data transmission.
Study trips and excursions that are organised by a third party and contractual partner, are not events by the Volkshochschule. In this respect, the Volkshochschulen merely act a mediator.

§ 1 Registration/Contract

The announcement of events is without obligation.

The announcement of events will, as a general rule, be carried out with a minimum number of 10 persons. Exceptions require permission from the head of the respective Volkshochschule.

Everyone can participate in events of the Volkshochschulen. Proper registration is required for attendance. This can be made in person, in writing, online via the vhs website, by phone or via email. The registration for the events of the Volkshochschule is binding and compels to paying the course fee. The registration will be verified by the Volkshochschulen. The registered participant will be expected at begin of the course without further notification, provided the Volkshochschulen do not cancel or reschedule the course. The registrations will be processed in chronological order of incoming mail.

There is no claim for an event to be carried out by a certain lecturer. This will apply also, when the event has been announced with the name of the lecturer.

The participation in the events of the Volkshochschulen is based on a civil law contract. When participating, the provisions of all regulations applicable to the Volkshochschule in the current version apply.

§ 2 Payment

The amount of the participant’s fee is levied on the basis of the remuneration regulations of the Volkshochschulen. They can be viewed or else, are hanging out, in the offices. They relate to a minimum number of 10 persons. If this number is not reached, the total fee can be distributed to all participants equally with the consent of all participants.

The payment of the fee is non-cash (invoicing, via direct debit) after the start of the course. In exceptional cases, cash payment can be made (e.g. for individual events).

§ 3 Reduction Of Fees And Waiver Of Fees

Requests for a discount must be submitted before the event begins. No claims can be made later. The corresponding evidence must be credible to the Volkshochschulen by submitting valid documents (submission of a photocopy with the registration). Incomplete requests for a reduction, subsequent application and late submission of proof cannot be processed. In these cases the price fee will be due without a discount.

Individual events up to 3 lessons (45 minutes) are excluded from the discount.
Participants entering an ongoing course pay a reduced fee, according to the remaining lessons.

Upon request, receive:

Pupils, apprentices, students and the disabled within the meaning of the Schwerbehindertengesetz with a degree of disability of at least 50%, a fee reduction of 30%.

Recipients of current subsistence assistance in accordance with SGB II or SGBXII, as amended, and holder of the Halle passport, a fee reduction of 50%.

Participants who have attended two events of a Volkshochschule in a calendar year and have paid a total of 80.00 € for a third event at that Volkshochschule in the same calendar year, a 25% reduction.

Participants who have participated in at least one course of a Volkshochschule in the last two calendar years and on the initiative of which new participants participate in educational events at that Volkshochschule, regardless of the number of participants referred for a course per year, a 25 % discount.

The head of the respective Volkshochschule can exclude events from the discount in consultation with the responsible department manager, as well as other discounts or to grant exemptions for remuneration (in accordance with § 3 section 6 of the Entgeltordnung). If there are two different discounts possible for the individual participant, they can only benefit from one type of discount.

§ 4 Certificates Of Attendance

For participation in events of 4 hours or more, the participant will receive a certificate of participation after the end of the course on request for office hours in the respective offices.

§ 5 Cancellation/Withdrawal By The Participant

A cancellation or withdrawal of events of the Volkshochschulen are free of charge up to 14 days before the start of the event.

Any statutory right of withdrawal (e.g. in distance sales) remains unaffected.

In the event of any subsequent cancellation or withdrawal (including non-participation), the fee must be paid in full.

The cancellation or withdrawal must be declared in writing to the Volkshochschule. The absence from the course or information to the instructor is not considered an unsubscription. Participants who have a customer number can unsubscribe by phone. This only applies before the course begins.

In the event of the participant not being at fault (e.g. illness, long-term occupational prevention, change of place of residence) a late cancellation or withdrawal can be granted free of charge with a prima facie evidence before the start of the course.

§ 6 Refunding Of The Fee

As a rule, fees are not refunded.

A refund can only be granted if the participant is no longer able to participate in the course or event, for reasons for which he is not responsible (e.g. disease, long-term occupational prevention, change of place of residence). The reasons must be proven credible with the refund application (e.g. by a doctor’s notice, certificate from the employer). That does not apply to individual events. In any case, an administrative lump sum of 10 % of the exchange rate is due at least 3,00 EUR.

No refunds are possible after the course ends. If an ongoing course is cancelled by the Volkshochschulen, the fees will be reimbursed proportionally.

The Volkshochschulen are obliged to notify the registered participants immediately when cancelling a course. There are no further claims, in particular for fulfilment or compensation because of failure to perform.

§ 7 Cancellation By The Volkshochschulen

Volkshochschulen can withdraw from the contract for reason of too few participants, due to a shortage of instructors, or for other important reasons. In this case, the fee will be refunded.

§ 8 Event Cancellation

Cancelled courses will be resumed at a later date. If this is not possible, the participant will receive (on request) a proportional reimbursement or a credit note for the course tuition fees. Further claims against the Volkshochschulen are excluded.

§ 9 Transmissions

With the consent of the department it is possible to switch to another course. The paid remuneration and the services provided by the Volkshochschulen will be offset against each other.

§ 10 Special Right Of Termination

A participant can be excluded from the course if they do not pay the fee upon request. Admission to a course and participation in an examination carried out by the Volkshochschulen on behalf of third parties may be denied to the applicant if they still have financial debts to the Volkshochschulen.

§ 11 Liability/Obligation

For the participant, there is an accident cover protection. Any further liability, in particular for property damage, thefts, losses, delays and other irregularities, is not assumed.

The Volkshochschulen are not liable for damage caused by the intentional behaviour of their vicarious agents (docents, heads of branch).

The participant is obliged to do everything reasonable to help remedy disturbances and to minimise the resulting damage.

Custodians shall bear supervisory duties regarding their children.

§ 12 Data Protection

The Volkshochschulen use a data processing plant in the administration on which the participant’s personal data is collected and stored. By registering, the participant also agrees to the processing of their personal data.  Data protection regulations are observed.

§ 13 Copyright Protection

Photographing, filming and recording on sound Storage media in the events are generally not permitted. Any distributed teaching material may not be duplicated or used commercially without the prior authorisation of the Volkshochschulen.

Every participant in computer courses (EDV-events) must keep in mind that copying and passing on the software provided for educational purposes is not authorised under copyright law.

§ 14 Home Rules

In the buildings the events take place, the respective house rules of the venues that hang out in the buildings apply. Therefore, treat all objects gently and leave the rooms clean and tidy. There is a strict ban on smoking in the classrooms and buildings.

§ 15 For Wheelchair Users

All courses that take place on Oleariusstraße 7 and Delitzscher Straße 45 are suitable for wheelchair users. An elevator and a toilet for the disabled are available.

§ 16 Suggestions And Criticisms

The staff of the Volkshochschulen have done everything possible to ensure that the course is successfully and pleasantly organised for you.

Should there nevertheless be critical circumstances, we are very interested in being informed by you. The staff of the Volkshochschulen will be happy to talk to you. Of course, you can express your criticism in writing, and anonymously.

§ 17 Final Provisions

The right to offset against claims of the Volkshochschulen is excluded, unless the counterclaim has been established by the court or recognised by the Volkshochschulen.

Claims against the Volkshochschulen are not assignable.

Should individual provisions of the GTC be completely or partially void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining parts of the contract. Agreements negotiated by by derogation are only valid if they have been agreed on in writing. This also applies to an agreement that includes a waiver of the written form.

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